Jumat, 09 Juni 2017

a girl's struggle

In a village there is a woman who is very black and ugly, and women have a very fat body (big). She was always insulted because she had a very large body. Because of embarrassment often in contempt by the man who was in his village he tried to make his body can be skinny and good.
And he tried to lift the water in two buckets in his hands, he lifted the bucket of water up and down the mountain, while the people in his village still laughed at him and considered his efforts would not work.
This woman was not concerned with their mockery he was still trying to make his body can be thin and slim. And for a month he effort eventually his efforts were not in vain he managed to slim body and he looks beautiful and the man who had been mocking him finally amazed at the beauty of this woman.
The above story teaches us that never see someone from the bad side let alone insult him because we do not know could be him much better than us ..
Thank you

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