Jumat, 09 Juni 2017

raditya dika

Is one of the Indonesian artist that I love him is a figure of a cute character, because in every story / novel he always tells him is the figure of a man who always fails in romance. Raditya dika whose real name is dika angkasaputra moerwani this is a writer, comedian, director and actor. Many of his works I have read such as goats, love brontosaurus, radius makankakus, half salmon man, koala kumal and many more books he made.
In the year 2017 this raditya again directed a comedy indonesia movie titled THE GUYS in this movie raditya dika also starred along with pevita pearce. In the movie THE GUYS raditya dika role as ALFI (employees who aspire to be the boss) and raditya dika also want to get his love amira (pevita pearce) colleagues and amira is his boss's son.

Raditya dika movie titled THE GUYS is not yet I see but I'm sure this film is very good as the story (novel) or comedy in the publish.

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