Jumat, 09 Juni 2017

the land of my bith

Hy all my names yori Afrianti I was born on the 21st of april and i descended aceh simeulue, my dad came from aceh labuy and my mother came from simeulue, but i was born and raised in simeulue. I want to tell you about the land of my birth,

Anyone say to me in simeulue it is what religion ?? And I answered disimeulue that 99% of the people are Muslim .. yes simeulue it is an area that can be spelled out all the residents are Islamic. Indeed in the past the majority of its citizens are non-Muslim and in Islam by tengku hallillulah.

Simeulue region has three tribes, namely tribe  (Devayan) in the western districts of eastern, eastern simeulue, central simeulue, southern teupah, and inner bay (sigulai) inhabiting western simelue, alafan and saluk (leukon) districts that inhabit langi and lakfaha. 

In simeulue has its own custom and different from the customs of aceh adat, one of them art nandong an art accompanied by drums and violin, usually this custom is displayed for the wedding or special and special events. Then there is also the art of debus. 

Simeulue has an interesting tourism like surfing tour which is in matanurung. And the beach that is often visited by many people is located in the jungle, ganting, high sand, alafan, along, lhok and many more. And it has a lake like fresh water that is in the inner bay and lake laulo.
And in my area have the characteristics with edged cipit and yellow complexion .. So that's about the story of my area, if you are curious you can play and visit the beauty of the island that is in the mid seas of the Indian Ocean. And do not be afraid of what people are talking about if the simeulue people are rude and unkind, because that's not true even the people there are friendly, get people and quickly adapt to newcomers.

thanks :)

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