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How to make a kimbab


Korean cuisine this one is also a dish that much preferred by people including Indonesian or may also include your own. Yes, besides the famous Kimchi, then the tempting Bulgogi and Teokbokki are also intriguing, this time we will discuss about Kimbab.

Korean food of this one is quite simple at first glance looks like Sushi typical Japanese food. Both use rice, both use seaweed as a wrapper and have the stuffing in the middle. Maybe you can hardly tell which Kimbab and which ones are Sushi.

However, the kimbab looks thinner than the sushi cuts. And Kimbab is also wider than the Sushi roll. And if Sushi is identical to stuffing from ingredients like Kani or crabmeat, salmon, and avocado, Kimbab is more likely to stuff vegetables like radishes, carrots. In addition, the other materials are almost identical. Including the use of seaweed.

And another difference is if Kimbab Korean food, Sushi is a typical Japanese food. This type of food is so unique. If you are already familiar with Sushi flavors, you should taste Korean Kimbab. Sushi has been widely known and consumed by many people who can also make Sushi at home with ingredients that are also easy to obtain and how to manufacture is also fairly easy, practical and lawful for you.

So does Kimbab. You can get the ingredients easily in the supermarket, whether it's a regular supermarket or a special supermarket that sells various ingredients of Korean cuisine, how to make it as easy as your usual Sushi. Here's how to make Kimbab you can do at home. Good luck.

Kimbab Materials:
• 4 large rectangular seaweed sheets
• 2 bowls of rice
• 1 thinly sliced ​​omelet
• 50 g of carrots that have been cleaned and sliced, then cut lengthwise
• 50 grams and praise or pickle radish, cut into longitudinal boxes
• 60 grams of spinach, boil for a while and give a little salt, then strain
• 50 gr beef cut matches
• ½ tbsp vinegar and sesame oil

How to Make Kimbab is easy, namely:
1. Mix rice, sesame oil, vinegar, salt.
2. Saute carrot briefly, put on top of rice placed on the kim or seaweed
3. Roll along with stuffing that has been placed and cut into pieces according to taste
4. Your home made kimbab is ready to serve

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  1. I love kimbap... kimbap have a great taste and easy to make it. try to eat korean food and you will find something different. good job yori, always try to write girl!!!