Rabu, 12 Juli 2017

The philosophy of bamboo trees

Did you know that bamboo trees will not show significant growth during the first 5 years.Although every day watered & nurtured, it grows only a few tens of centimeters.But after 5 years later, the growth of bamboo trees is very powerful & its size is no longer in a matter of centimeters but meter.So what exactly happens to a bamboo tree?It turns out that during the first 5 years, he experienced tremendous growth in the root (NOT) on the stem, whereby, the bamboo tree is preparing a very strong foundation, so that it can sustain its tens of meters later in life. 
MORAL OF THE STORYIf we experience a hindrance and failure, it does not mean we are not experiencing growth, but instead we are experiencing tremendous growth within us.When we are tired & almost give up in the face of the rigors of life, do not ever dawdle hope.There is a pameo that says "the hardest part of a rocket to reach orbit is to get through the earth's gravity" ("the hardest part for a rocket to reach orbit is the moment through earth's gravity"). 
If we look, the largest piece of support equipment carried by a rocket is a jet propulsion to pass through Earth's atmosphere & gravity.Once the rocket passes through the atmosphere, the jet propulsion will be removed & the rocket will fly with minimum fuel in space without weight, float light, & effortlessly.Similarly with humans, the WORST part of a SUCCESS is the moment one begins the BUSINESS of a struggle, because everything feels so HEAVY & FULL OF PRESSURE.But if he can pass a certain limit, in fact one can feel all the ease & freedom of the pressure & burden. 
But unfortunately, many people who GIVE UP when the pressure & burden is felt too heavy, like a rocket that failed to penetrate the atmosphere.Buya Hamka said "if life is alive, pigs in the forest also live & work only work, apes also work".When the bamboo tree is blown by a strong wind, it will droop, but as the wind passes, it will rise again, like the journey of a human life that never escaped the trials and hindrances.So be like a bamboo tree !!!The flexibility of bamboo trees teaches us a life attitude based on perseverance in life, even though storms and cyclones are hit.There is no surrender to growing, there is no reason to be buried in limitations, because growth for growth must, after all, start from the ability to defend itself in the most difficult conditions.Make sure in the days ahead, our lives will * HIGH TO HIGH / BE HAPPY * for others, just like a bamboo tree.

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