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This typical Indonesian 
food called rendang has a very strong taste. With meat-based and some spices that exist in it like suppose turmeric, coriander and some other spices make Rendang a popular Indonesian food. Already can be sure if you've tried a typical Indonesian food called rendang this, of course you will try for a second bite.
Usually when the Padang cook Rendang will have a distinctive flavor that is a distinctive taste and legit. Moreover soft meat that swim in rendang sauce will be very suitable when mixed with warm rice. The cuisine of the padang people this one is also very famous in various parts of Indonesia, especially in recent years a lot of padang restaurant spread all over Indonesia with delicious rendangnya dishes.

Next is the Meatballs. Surely you already know not a sighting of the typical Indonesian food in the name of this meatball like? Meatball is a yng food made from meat in the shape of like balls and then in the food with delicious sauce. Currently, meatballs are one of the typical Indonesian food is very popular and almost in every region in Indonesia there with the characteristics of each.
Usually meatballs are suitable in consumption along with other food combinations such as dumplings, vermicelli, fried food and various vegetables that would be a healthy food ready for consumption. For the famous meatballs in Indonesia is poor meatballs that until now still rule for this type of meat foods in this round. There are various modifications that are done to this typical Indonesian food.

 The next typical Indonesian food we will discuss is a food that the Indonesian people called the Yellow Rice. This typical Indonesian food is an Indonesian cuisine that is made from rice, coconut milk, turmeric and some spice herbs which is certainly very typical ala Indonesia. Of course with some fusion that we have mentioned earlier to make a typical Indonesian food called Nasi Kuning more tasty.
Usually Yellow Rice is in Indonesia is very often made in rice tumpeng which of course served with various kinds of typical Indonesian dishes are delicious. When syukuran Yellow Rice usually made to commemorate gratitude and share together with others, will certainly make together more closely when there is a typical Indonesian food that is yellow and has a very tasty taste of this


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