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The history of islam island simeulue

Teungku Di Ujung named Halilullah is a great scholar from Minangkabau who spread Islam on the island of Simeulue, the Sultanate of Aceh in the 14th century or 15, and managed to Islamize almost the entire island community.
Not yet known exactly in what year Tengku in Edge alive. At the time of Iskandar Muda ruled the kingdom of Aceh Darussalah, Tengku in Ujong from Minangkabau want to sail to perform the pilgrimage.
At that time Iskandar Muda asked Tengku in Ujong to stop in Simeulue and give an Islamic syiar on the island.
Simeulue Island is an island about 150 km from the west coast of Aceh. Teungku Di Ujung has a wife named Si Melur, who is the origin of the name of Simeulue island according to hereditary stories from the local community.
Teungku Di Ujung is a Minangkabau cleric from Ulakan, Pariaman, and is a student of the great ulema of Sheikh Burhanuddin Ulakan. He died and was buried in Gampong Latak Ayah, Simeulue Cut District, Simeule District.

On Thursday, December 27th, 2012, three people of 
Tengku at Ujung, Asydarmansyah Mas, Syawal, and M Yusri, showed a 700-year-old Teungku Di Ujung relic. The exhibition was held at Tengku Diujung Cemetery, Gampong Lata'ayah, Simeulue Cut District, Simeulue District.
Until now the descendants of Tengku Diujung still keep the remains of this great scholar. In addition to Surban, there are still others like spears and pots of drinking water.
All of the clerical remains are still kept intact. The relics are ready to be used for the history, education, and culture of the community of Simeulue Island....

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