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Legend of gumiho

Who does not know the super-beautiful ghost, which is a tangible nine-tailed fox? Of course everyone knows this ghost, his name is Gumiho. This ghosted ghost is indeed a special fox's stealth manifestation. Because it has super power and beautiful face.

The legend of Gumiho thrives among the people of South Korea, since ancient times. This tale arose from the influence of Ancient Chinese culture, so it is not surprising that the story of nine tail foxes also appeared in China, Japan, and South Korea of ​​course.

 That said, Gumiho is an old monk pet fox. Since the monk was young, Gumiho was already with him. When the monk is old, the fox is forced to be locked up in a painting so that he is not harmed by others. Therefore, the monk is very fond of him. The fox is also willing to be locked up, on one condition when the full moon is perched in the sky, he can get out of the painting and incarnate as a beautiful girl. The monk also agreed as long as Gumiho did not appear before human beings.

The news of the beautiful girl confined in the temple spread because one day there was a farmer who saw Gumiho walking. And oddly upon his return the streets, he even entered the temple. Because the look of the woman is very beautiful, does not look like a nun, then the community was protesting the temple. Ask for explanation that this is a crime, hide women in the temple.

So since that incident, the monks, including the elderly chief monk, agreed that Gumiho be sealed in the paintings, absolutely nothing to go out. The painting was kept inside the temple and protected always, for centuries.

Until one day, a man came along with his friend praying at the temple. It was a full moon night, but it rained heavily. Finally, the young man and his friend permit stay at the temple. The monks may stay overnight. It is also possible to see the temple, as long as it does not enter the forbidden bale, where Gumiho paintings are placed. Because, the night was full moon so that the power of Gumiho could be able to penetrate the seal.

The warning was ignored by a young man named Cha. He was alone into the forbidden bale after he saw something strange, a beam of white light emanating from the roof of the bale. Out of curiosity, he went inside. Strangely, inside the room flickered with light. With the wind.

 And in the midst of the noise came a white woman with a white caster. Long hair. It has a blue glowing white tail. Cha's younger faint instantly, but then his body was actually taken away by Gumiho, into the forest. Sang Gumiho, want to eat Cha Cha's heart. So that he can perfect himself to be human

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