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History and Background of the Internet

Inventors of Internet History and the Background of the Internet

Internet History, Internet Background and Internet Inventors are the topics today want me to share with you readers. Incomplete and less according to Me if the Internet is our need to explore the wider world, but the inventor is also our history we do not know. Therefore be good if you think about this, in addition to a reasonable thing of course this will be your insight knowledge.

History and Background of the Internet
Internet is a global computer network that can be opened by a computer and connected to one computer with another computer in the World. I can wikipedia internet formation or first initiated by the United States defense department in 1969. Through ARPA project called ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network), where they demonstrate how the unix-based computer hardware and software, we can do communication Within an infinite distance through the Telephone line.
The arpanet project designs network shapes, reliability, how much information can be moved, and after that all the standards they specify then embryo the development of a new protocol now known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

Need to know the initial purpose of building the project itself that is for the purposes of the Military at first. At that time the US Department of Defense created a computer network system that spread computers in vital areas to solve the problem if it went nuclear attack and to stay away from centralized information, which when walking the war can be easily identified clearly and Destroyed.

Initially arpanet only connect 4 sites only stanford research institute, university of california, santa barbara, university of utah, where they form an integrated network on th. 1969, and with general arpanet introduced at bln. October 1972. It was not long ago that the project expanded rapidly in all the specific places / areas, and all universities in the country wanted to assemble, to make it difficult to arrange it.
Therefore arpanet is broken down into two, ie milnet for military and new arpanet smaller for non-military purposes like, universities. The combination of the two networks after that known as darpa internet, which then simplified then we know until now the Internet.

The inventor of the Internet

Leonard Kleinrock known as the father / father of the Internet and again rame said to be the inventor of the internet itself. Born in New York City, New York, USA, June 13, 1934. Need I say actually not just Leonard who has a big pengeruh as the inventor of the internet there are still some names that according to the author deserve to be known, but Leonard's plan that has a better design Than others.

A note recording that explains that social relationships can be handled also through a computer network is in the memo series written by J.C.R. Licklider from MIT (Massachuset Institute of Technology) on bln. August th. 1962. the time of the memo is outlined in its galactic network idea. He has a vision of a global computer network that is interconnected where each person can access data and programs quickly from any area. The spirit of the idea is very appropriate like the existing internet today.

Recently. Licklider is the first leader of the computer program research of the darpa project, 4 which started bln. October 1962. While in Darpa he worked in unison with Ivan Sutherland, Bob Taylor, and an MIT researcher, Lawrence G. Roberts. Leonard Kleinrock at MIT published his paper entitled The First Paper on Packet Switching Theory in bln. July 1961 and The First Book on The Subject in th. 1964. Kleinrock agrees with Roberts in their concurrent theories of caution. Obtain information of each person who has a fair in the Internet world on writing at the time.

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